Becoming a Parapsychologist


27/12/2008 19:04
Generally, in order to become a "professional, academic parapsychologist" it is necessary to have both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, usually in psychology. This is usually because you would be pursuing an academic career within a department at a University. This process commonly...


27/12/2008 19:06
I have had a lot of e-mails over the years asking me, essentially, how you become a parapsychologist. I decided to write this short guide on my understanding of the process so that individuals can have more information on the topic and they can then make the best decision for them. I should...

General Advice

27/12/2008 19:08
The best way to get an idea of what parapsychology is to talk to parapsychologists, read academic research, and to attempt to get work experience with a parapsychologist. I would be cautious of approaching people who refer to themselves as "parapsychologists", but who have no academic credentials...

Undergraduate Study

27/12/2008 19:09
One of the best ways to gain experience in parapsychology (particularly in order to see if it is the career for you) is to take it as an undergraduate degree option. You may experience some difficulty in finding parapsychology as an undergraduate option is because, (a) relatively few universities...

Before Going to University

27/12/2008 19:09
I regularly get asked by very keen students in their early teens if there are particular subjects that they can study at school in order to help them to become a parapsychologist. As I contacted the late, great Professor Bob Morris when I was 15 to find out the same thing, I can fully understand...

Postgraduate Study

27/12/2008 19:09
Stage two of the process is often an M.Sc in Psychology (1-2 yrs). This hasn't always been in case, but it is becoming something that more and more students are doing as it helps to prepare you for a PhD. Again, it is useful, but not essential, to have a parapsychological component to this. This...


27/12/2008 19:10
For a long time, this particular article only said "I'll keep you posted... :)". I think that I'm now in a position to make that posting! Many of the "successful academic parapsychologists" (i.e., those who get paid!) that I know were able to get jobs in academia by not talking too much about...
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Read my guide on "Becoming a Parapsychologist". I wrote this to try and advise some of the students who contact me asking about this complex issue.