Undergraduate Study

27/12/2008 19:09

One of the best ways to gain experience in parapsychology (particularly in order to see if it is the career for you) is to take it as an undergraduate degree option. You may experience some difficulty in finding parapsychology as an undergraduate option is because, (a) relatively few universities teach/research parapsychology, and (b) no university offers "parapsychology" as an undergraduate degree, only as a module within a psychology degree.

Although this may seems odd, it actually makes a lot of sense. Although parapsychology potentially encompasses a huge area of research, a lot of it is influenced by more conventional psychological factors and psychological research methods comprise a substantial amount of the way that parapsychology is researched, with some extra factors on top (although many of the physicists in the field would disagree!). A grounding in psychology will also help to provide a good grounding in parapsychology. It also enables you to be more employable. There are relatively few jobs in parapsychology, and having a background in other areas of psychology or similar disciplines can help when attempting to find a job after your degree(s).

So, stage one of the process of becoming a "parapsychologist" would be a B.Sc in Psychology (3-4 yrs). Some coverage of parapsychology during this time is helpful, although not essential. 

Where can I study it?

There are several universities which offer parapsychology and similar modules as part of their B.Sc in Psychology degree. I believe the following all do: University of Edinburgh, Coventry University, Northampton University, Liverpool Hope University, and (of course!) the University of Derby. Please check the university web-sites to ensure that they do actually offer parapsychology modules before applying.


Read my guide on "Becoming a Parapsychologist". I wrote this to try and advise some of the students who contact me asking about this complex issue.